#3 Tramel McKinsey

Woodville, Mississippi, Wilkinson County Christian Academy
Senior Year Football Highlights
Class of 2012


Tramel McKinsey: The Art of the Run

Tramel McKinsey, Woodville, MS, is a hard running nice size back with deceptive speed, good vision and just enough of a smooth shake to make you miss. McKinsey hits the hole fast and can get up on the second level backs in a hurry. If those would-be defenders take the wrong angle – It’s bye, bye. He accounted 17 TDs and gained over 1,000 yards for Wilkinson County Christian Academy during the 2011 regular season.

Mckinsey possess all of the raw and instinctive skills that make for a promising RB prospect. Perhaps the best of which are his acceleration from the scrum to the second level and his ability to quickly find daylight.

Not overly fast (4.7) – yet he has that burst in the hole that separates the average backs from the good ones. More importantly, he does a lot of impressive things between the tackles that you just can’t teach: patients allowing his blockers to create a seam, quick smooth cuts, keeps his legs moving, fights for the extra yards and he knows how to lean and wiggle to avoid the big hit.

I tell you what; If Tramel McKinsey has the hunger, motivation and work ethic. He could develop into a very good ball carrier at the college level. I like him a lot!

Will Cummings, General Manager, Hit Highlights.com